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TOKIWA co.,ltd

Feel free to contact us whenever there is a need of industrial items.Tel:+81-(0)92-451-0121

TOKIWA CO .,LTD is a General Trading Company, whose core business is Industrial Products for factories & plants.


About Us

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Company Vision

"We want to expand the scope of Japanese products in the world and obtain the highest satisfaction possible in our customers"

Over the 95 years since the foundation of our company in 1921, we have sold all kinds of essential industrial equipment for factories and industrial operations in our home country, Japan.
We deal with a wide range of products for manufacturing plants, including hoses and all types of hose fittings, drive belts, conveyor belts, chains, pulleys, sprockets, plastic and cover sheets, seal materials, gaskets, filters, bearings, pasltic or rubber finished goods and molded ones, as well as other kinds of machinery and tools related to industrial use.

Our company has collected a mammoth amount of experience and know-how over our 95-year of business history in Japan.

Thanks to that, in Tokiwa we deal directly with over 15000 manufacturers, so we can provide your company with the best products according to your needs and industry, as well as a prompt quotation.

Due to our wide range of expereince making business with food factories, automobile factories, integrated circuit related parts factories, shipyards, agriculture companies and independent farmers, public works, construction, etc, we can meet the needs of a variety of industries and provide the best services.

If you contact us, we will provide you and your company with the highest quality and performance of the "Made in Japan" products. Our compromise is to always deliver a prompt, timely-mannered and attentive service.

In Tokiwa we are constantly seeking for business partners around the world with whom we can conduct regular and satisfactory business. So we are looking forward to hearing from you.


Company Overview

  • Company Name
  • President
    Sadanori Nakayama
  • First foundation in
    April 10th, 1921
  • Establishment in
    October 2nd, 1948
  • Capital Stock
    80 Million Yen
  • Employees
    71 (March 1st, 2016)
  • Head Office
    • 812-0016 Hakataekiminami 4-4-1, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka (Japan)

Corporate History

April 10, 1921 Tasabu Nakayama establishes TOKIWA RUBBER SHOP, in Fukuoka. They mainly deal with tires and tubes for automobiles
February 3, 1930 TOKIWA becomes an official agent of TOGAWA RUBBER WORKS (TOGAWA RUBBER CO.,LTD. in present time)
October 1935 TOKIWA changed the business focus from tires and tubes to rubber hoses and rubber drive belts
June 6, 1948 TOKIWA becomes an official agent of KOHSHIN RUBBER CO., LTD.
October 2, 1948 The company is re-established under a new name, TOKIWA RUBBER INDUSTRIAL ENTERPRISE CO., LTD.
April 1956 TOKIWA becomes an official agent of MITSUBOSHI BELTING LTD.
March 3, 1973 The company is renamed as TOKIWA CO., LTD.
September 1973 Office moves to the present location.
(812-0016 Hakataekiminami 4-4-30, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka)
November 1974 TOKIWA is awarded by the Association of the Excellent Companies Recognized by Tax Office
May 2003 TOKIWA established the Import and Export Departments.
December 2010 Capital stock increases to 80 million yen
September 2010 The packaging materials company OHSUKI CO., LTD. becomes Tokiwa's subsidiary company

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